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Cricket internet connectivity issues.


The question has been closed for reason: not relevant or out dated

on 12/31/2020 13:32:38

Whenever I try to connect to a public wifi connection, the agreement page that a lot of places have doesn't pop up.

For example, I just got a job at a local hospital that has a guest internet that the employees use.

Whenever you connect, you first have to use the phone's browser to be taken to a page where you have to accept their terms and conditions of internet use.

Everyone can use it on their phone except for me. When I use the browser it just tries to go to that specific website (google, reddit, ect.) and not to the auto terms and conditions page.

Really frustrating, considering our breakroom allow for very good signal on our cell phones, and I'd rather use the wifi instead of my data.

Anyone else have this issue? Any recommendations?