Kookaburra Pro 1200 Helmets

Unique KCS Fitment System Helmets

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    Pro 1200

    Fully compliant to Australian Protective Standards and certified to BS7928:2013, Kookaburra helmets are designed and engineered to the highest level. Available at cricketmerchant.com

    • MODEL: Pro 1200
    • CODE: CH1200NV

    The Kookaburra Pro 1200 Cricket Helmet features our unique KCS fitment system with an ergonomically shaped shell and steel faceguard.

    • Colours: Navy
    • Sizes: Medium/Junior (56 to 58cm) & Large/Adult (58 to 62cm)

    Kookaburra Pro Players Cricket Helmet


    comfort-fit-pads - comfort-fit-pads

    KCS Dial - Kookaburra’s unique size adjustment feature allows players to quickly and easily adjust the fit, increasing protection and maximising visibility.

    Airflow VentingAirfl ow vents in both the outer shell and interior lining combine with strategically positioned interior fl ow channels that wick sweat and heat away from the player, allowing them to focus on the game and perform at their peak.

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